The Story

In a post-apocalyptic South, a young woman tries to protect the remnants of her family and struggles to see what might be gained by leaving everything behind.




Allison Hogue & Jason Winn, both independent filmmakers and Lecturers of Film & Digital Media at the University of North Georgia, will bring together a team of film students, recent graduates, and industry professionals to produce Dead Winter. The film is going to be a beautiful, slow, mysterious take on the zombie genre.

The Impact

With financial support, the filmmakers will be able to bring their unique, beautiful, chilling vision to life. However, since the Producer and Director are film lecturers, they are equally passionate about ensuring that their film students have a chance to work alongside industry professionals on this project.

In an industry where hands-on experience and networking really are everything, this unique production experience will be invaluable to those students who are interviewed and selected as supplemental crew. By working alongside industry professionals, these students will:

  • Learn practical methods & industry standard techniques of their desired skill or trade, thereby acting as an incredible supplement to their education
  • Transfer classroom skills into a real production environment
  • Pick up nuances of working on a film set, such as industry lingo & “walkie etiquette”
  • Gain practical advice for “making it” in the industry
  • Network with individuals who could assist in securing future paid positions

Having a budget will not only ensure that the filmmakers’ vision comes to fruition, but will also ensure that this experience – which will be an excellent learning opportunity for their students – actually happens.

To donate or share our fundraising campaign, please visit this link.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to assist financially, we still need your help! Please share our IndieGoGo campaign wherever and whenever you can — not only on social media, but with anyone you know who might be especially interested in donating.

In addition to sharing the campaign, if you are in the Atlanta area and either own a restaurant or know of a restaurant owner who may be willing to donate a meal for cast and crew during production, we’d love to talk to you and offer you potential sponsorship space or Associate Producer credits!

Thank you so much for all your support and donations. Stay tuned for updates!

This film production is not sponsored by the University of North Georgia.



Cast & Crew

This list will be updated as we secure more cast & crew.

Audrey (Lead): TBD
Sophia (Supporting): TBD
Leah (Supporting): TBD

Writer/Producer: Allison Hogue (Production Credits on American IdolProject RunwayAmerica’s Got Talent)
Director: Jason Winn (Directing Credits on The Fat Boy ChroniclesThe AssaultDeadThirsty)
Director of Photography: TBD (Professional Role)
Production Designer: Kyla McFalls (Art Department Credits on 10 Cloverfield Lane, Jurassic World, Escape Plan)

1st Assistant Director: Omid Modaresi (UNG Student)
2nd Assistant Director: Jeremy Thao (UNG Student)
Script Supervisor: Kailee Krenzer (UNG Student)
Director’s Assistant: Joseph Tiller (UNG Student)

Production Coordinator: Melissa Simpson (UNG Student)
Producer’s Assistant: Ethell Nunez-Suazo (UNG Student)
Production Assistants: Kameron Stephens & Alec Taraf (UNG Students)

Camera Operator: TBD (Professional Role)
1st Assistant Camera: Tylere Brown (UNG Student)
2nd Assistant Camera: Sam Bishop (UNG Recent Graduate)
DIT: Jordan Suggs Hood (UNG Student)

Chief Lighting Technician: Morgan Cooper (Electric Credits on Stranger ThingsTagBlack Lighting)
Best Boy/Girl Electric: Brandon Adams (UNG Recent Graduate)
Lighting Technician: Chase Yarbrough (UNG Recent Graduate)

Key Grip: TBD (Professional Role)
Best Boy/Girl Grip: Dakota Curtis (UNG Student)
Grip: Jared Kuhl (UNG Student)

Sound Mixer: TBD (Professional Role)
Boom Operator: Tyler Calder (UNG Student)
Sound Utility: Ryan Molina (UNG Graduate)

Visual/Special Effects Supervisor:  Andrew Prescott (HOLDING) (VFX Credits on The Hunger GamesGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
Visual/Special Effects Assistant: Sebastian Anderson (UNG Student)

Still Photographer: Nina Ramos (UNG Student)